Best 15+ MediaBox App alternatives

MediaBox is a most popular app which is more advantageous for streaming movies and TV shows from your any devices like Smartphone and computer.

It most relevant to everything but there is some restoration about making use of its service. The vital website gives you the license to avails its movie without paying any bucks. However there are some amazing alternatives of media box which are listed below-


MediaBox app best alternatives and similar apps

You can download these alternative of mediabox.

Unlockmytv APK

Unlockmytv has a best and most similar to mediaBOX. It performs more similar to show box and it is found that the only difference to unrelated them is that the Unlockmytv HD APK has some different theme.

Despite of blue theme it has ton of HD contents to be streamed and you can also use for your Smartphone or tablet for this work.

Link: Download App

Freeflix HQ

It corroborated it popularization as a perfect substitute for media box. It not only available at free of cost but is has loaded with great attributes. It has subtitle attributes with very clear and sharp definition camera. It navigate and automatically updates to give you the latest movies around .The only problem is while using this app it is not available on the popular app downloading store(Google play store ) but you downloaded as an Apk file.

Link: Download Freeflix Hq App

Bobby Movie (Movie Box Alternative for the iOS devices)

Bobby movie is the best alternative to the media box which supports you as an iOS user to facilitate a lot of content like TV shows and movies. It performs in the same as media Box, and it is easy to navigate with few knowledge of Media Box.

It loaded with ample of distinct parts of the main menu, but they are very easy scroll and work. The only turn off associated to this great app is that is loaded with lots of added.  Instead of this Bobby movie is almost an amazing alternative of Media Box.

Link: Download Bobby HD App


It has most popular now days and their streaming service has spread vigorously. It offers all TV channels on your Smartphone or tablets without paying any bucks. It chromo cast attribute can able to stream on TV. We have other options likes Fire stick, Kodi, Roku.

It is so easy to fit on screen such as mobile, computer or TV Screen .Recently they conducted the TV mode Attribute and premium services.  You can enjoy all the TV channels from distinct categories which include your Movies, sports, Games and many other things.

If you are looking for any free services then Mobdro probably it provides you the perfect services to you.

Link: Download Mobdro App

Popcorn Time (Android, iOS & PC)

The name of popcorn time is given because it’s really an exclusive app which has developed vogue following as a different replacement option for show Box as it’s provides best aid platform for different operating software like iOS, Linux and Android. Easy to modify UI without any problems and it works greatly in all devices. It is exactly the app with almost the same attributes as the Media box and it is essential to create what you are searching for a best alternative of it.

Link: Download Popcorn time App

Crackle (Android)

Crackle is alternative options for operating system used by Androids. It has more than 20million active users which makes it best and famous among other tablet and smartphones users. With the amazing designing if the crackle application is enables at other platform like windows, Mac and iOS then you will exceed the numbers. Crackle facilitates you to stream TV shows and movies without interrupting server error enjoying it.

Link: Download Crackle App


Netflix is the most huge software application when you consider for any best streaming application movies and TV shows, but you will never get free platform however it facilitates for a trial version. This is almost giving you an option to select whether you adore it experience or not. It works perfectly on various platforms like iOS, Mac OS, android and others.

Link: Download Netflix App


It works flawlessly on iOS and android, laptop /Desktop. It facilitates you to stream mostly all the TV shows and movies for free and covers much emphasis on Anime. It doesn’t have any certainty requirement except the connection install it then connection requires enjoying series.

Link: Download Viewster App

Tubi TV

It facilitates  you to stream movies and TV shows of paying zero bucks online in HD quality .In addition it performs on all devices it can also performs well with Apple Tv ,Xbox ,PS4 and even iOS and android . It works greatly with chrome as well.

Link: Download Megabox HD App

Sky HD

It gives best defining picture quality  than other application  appear as alternative to show box and provides unlimited access to the Tv and movies . Sky HD is not the similar to the popular American Tv application but it has abundant and great media box alternatives. Same as Netflix it is also not a free platform, you have to pay a certain amount to allocates and stream the premium version of it.

Link: Download Megabox HD App


It is the most amazing alternative to media box as a result of its largely publicly praised service that gives an update of its content on a continues  basis. With only a simple press the stream videos also solely web- based, can be streamed but it works at very expensive price.

Link: Download Megabox HD App


Stremio is a clean but a different application because it has loaded with different features in it. While the prime growth of apps allows you to gives contents from certain sources, stremio only will facilitate you to stream from famous platforms like Netflix, iTunes, Amazon and others. It accumulates all these most likely streaming platforms on a single app and allows you to use any other mode of devices on strong Interface which makes it easier to use.

Link: Download Megabox HD App

Wrap up

So we have given you almost all alternatives of Media box. Choose the best one and enjoy your adored HD quality and loaded with great features. However we have given you the paid application and free application and choose wisely, hope this article helps you a lot to choose the alternatives. If you have any inquires related to the app please write to us on comment section below.

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